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Recover Deleted items in Exchange online (Microsoft office 365)

  In Exchange online we provide 3 layers of Recovery so that messages can be recovered Deleted Items Folder Recover Deleted Items Folder Purges Folder     Deleted Items Folder When a mail is deleted(normal Delete not shift Delete) its moved to Deleted Items folder and its present there until, either we manually delete the messages from there or its deleted automatically as per the Retention Policy of the Organization(default value is 30 days)   Recover Deleted Items Folder   When a mail is Shift deleted(hard deleted), or deleted from Deleted items or removed from deleted items by the Retention policy, its moved to the Recover Deleted Items Folder and it remains there for next 14 days (can be extended to 30 days).   There are 2 folders under Recovery Deleted Items Deleted Folder(its not the normal Deleted folder in the mailbox) Purges Folder    When the mail is present in Recovery Deleted Items(Deleted folder) i

Configure office 365 Mailbox on Outlook

How to configure your office 365 Mailbox to Mail client. There are few per-requisites.  You should have your autodiscover records set up properly for your domain. i.e should point to Your OS should be updated Your mail client should be updated with latest SP and other updates  Automated Process. Go to control Panel > Mail setup new profile  under the New Popup enter your details Name Email Address Your Credentials Hit Next, this is automatically search for the necessary settings and then configure the profile. Manual Process Go to control Panel > Mail setup new profile  utnder the New Popup Select Manual setup. And Next    Select Microsoft Exchange server and then Next   Enter the server Name - "" Enter your email address And click on more settings   Under New Pop up go to "security" tab Under Logon network security  : select - &qu