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Get All AIP encrypted files - SharePoint Online

One of the recent project merger and acquisition.  Technology - M365 tenant to Tenant migration Areas of consolidation 1. Mailboxes  2. SharePoint online data 3. OneDrive for Business data 4. Teams data migration 5. Security and Compliance Migration  Area of concern from security and compliance side was the encrypted files within EXO, SPO, Teams, ODB. Issue with encrypted data migration - end users will not be able to access the documents once the Source tenant is decommissioned.   Solution available -  Ask end users to unencrypt the data before migration  Alternet Solution - 1. Decrypt the files, mails using eDiscovery - This will give us output in PST format will is available for offline access, but the data in source will still be encrypted.  Decryption in eDiscovery - Microsoft Purview (compliance) | Microsoft Docs   2. Use Get-AIPfileLabel and Get-AIPFileLabel but in order to use this you must be aware of all the files paths.  Challenges -  1. We do not want end user intervention

Configure office 365 Mailbox on Outlook

How to configure your office 365 Mailbox to Mail client. There are few per-requisites.  You should have your autodiscover records set up properly for your domain. i.e should point to Your OS should be updated Your mail client should be updated with latest SP and other updates  Automated Process. Go to control Panel > Mail setup new profile  under the New Popup enter your details Name Email Address Your Credentials Hit Next, this is automatically search for the necessary settings and then configure the profile. Manual Process Go to control Panel > Mail setup new profile  utnder the New Popup Select Manual setup. And Next    Select Microsoft Exchange server and then Next   Enter the server Name - "" Enter your email address And click on more settings   Under New Pop up go to "security" tab Under Logon network security  : select - &qu