Recover Deleted items in Exchange online (Microsoft office 365)

  In Exchange online we provide 3 layers of Recovery so that messages can be recovered Deleted Items Folder Recover Deleted Items Folder Purges Folder     Deleted Items Folder When a mail is deleted(normal Delete not shift Delete) its moved to Deleted Items folder and its present there until, either we manually delete the messages from there or its deleted automatically as per the Retention Policy of the Organization(default value is 30 days)   Recover Deleted Items Folder   When a mail is Shift deleted(hard deleted), or deleted from Deleted items or removed from deleted items by the Retention policy, its moved to the Recover Deleted Items Folder and it remains there for next 14 days (can be extended to 30 days).   There are 2 folders under Recovery Deleted Items Deleted Folder(its not the normal Deleted folder in the mailbox) Purges Folder    When the mail is present in Recovery Deleted Items(Deleted folder) i

Error - QuarantinedAttributeValueMustBeUnique

Case History.

1. Client already had users created in office 365
2. Client wanted to setup SSO for office 365 users

Approach for requirement fullfilment  

1. Deployed and configured Azure AD connect 
    95% users were synced and soft match was successfully done 

5% users were getting error - QuarantinedAttributeValueMustBeUnique 

When we checked 2 users were found under Active users 
1. one in Cloud (this was created earlier/ already existed ) with active licenses and Mailbox
2. one unlicensed synced with AD
Solution -


If we delete the user in Azure we will loose the Email Data and if we delete the user in AD we will lose the profile on system.

However considering the above condition and in order to retain data and Profile too we had resolved using another work around.

  1. Created a OU in AD “Non o365 sync”
  2. Edited the Azure AD connect and stopped the above mentioned OU from syncing with Azure
  3. Moved the users to this OU
  4. This deleted the users in office 365, that were unlicensed and syncing with AD
  5. Deleted the user from Office 365 recycle bin
  6. Edited the Users UPN In AD and moved back to “Users” OU
  7. Synced the users in office 365 identities mapped


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